Day Three

Day Three

Walking around Kathmandu

Morning everybody day three is a day for sight seeing in Kathmandu.


Just a little time for me and the rest of the group on this epic adventure to have a look around Kathmandu and take in the sites.Last night there was some traditional dancing to be had in the hotel.


Lets not forget why l’m doing this great challenge its all for charity every penny will go to Cystic Fibrosis Trust to help find a cure for this terrible disease.

From Lukla to Pakding 

Flight to Lukla

A small video of my flight going to Lukla Airport. The flight into Lukla was delayed.

Lukla Airport

A short video of Lukla Airport and how busy it is for such a small place.

Trekking at night

Our first bit of trekking was in the dark to a teahouse at Pakding at 2610 metres as the flight was delayed.

Heres a few photo’s l have taken